Self Defence (hosinsul)

The hosinsul system taught in all T-UK schools was devised for us in partnership with Mr Mark Davies V Degree. Mr Davies is the T-UK Hosinsul Director and our syllabus comes from his own Tactical Edge System. The Hosinsul syllabus aims to arm even the smallest of people with the skills needed to keep themselves safe from harm in todays society. 


T-UK hold annual Hosinsul courses in both Scotland & England. The courses hosted by Mr Archer VI Degree & Mr Condie IV Degree cover the whole colour belt self defence requirements in great detail. To ensure you are keeping up to date with the T-UK syllabus it is essential you take the refresher courses when they are made available.

10th Kup White

9th Kup White/Yellow Stripe

Hubud - Left and right side + tap change

Hubud - Left and right sided + tap change including Elbow and Backfist attacks

8th Kup Yellow

7th Kup Yellow/Green Stripe 

Full Hubud at speed including panantuca.

Release from single & double hand grabs

Release from single & double hand chokes

Limb destruction

Elbow Defences - cover, spear & wing

Foot Pins

Foot Sectors

6th Kup Green

5th Kup Green/Blue Stripe

Basic head tilt

Basic head twist

Rear neck whip 

Head under, inside & outside

Horizontal neck twist

forward head roll 


Front neck whip & Failure drill

4th Kup Blue

3rd Kup Blue/Red Stripe

Arm locks

Bent wrist press

Bent Arm lever

Figure 4

Reinforced goose neck

Knife defence 

Under arm wrist break

Spinning wrist reversal

2nd Kup Red

1st Kup Red/Black Stripe

Knife defence

High threat, Woodpecker & Cats paw

Low threat

ATM mugging - Rear hostage position

Ground defence

Side mount

Full mount

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