T-UK/ITF Approved Equipment

Only Equipment of an approved type may be worn in training and competition. To ensure your equipment meets the regulations of the International Taekwon-Do Federation and Taekwon-Do UK you must purchase any items through your instructor.  Please note:  The ITF allow only approved doboks & safety equipment to be used at all international level events. The approved items can be found HERE

Taekwon-Do Bellshill offer all equipment to the students at a reduced rate with the saving being passed directly to the student.  Bellshill & Strathaven Taekwon-Do do not sell any items at a profit.

Uniform (Dobok)

These student uniforms are made from long lasting, easy care, high quality polycotton.

All suits have fully embroidered International Taekwon-Do Federation and Taekwon-Do UK emblems on both the jacket & trouser legs. 

As a member of Taekwon-Do UK your dobok must have the association emblem on the jacket. Therefore to ensure you are wearing an approved uniform it must be purchased through the school

Sizes from 100cm to 200cm are available

Sparring Gear

Essential protection for class & Compulsary for competitions.

All Sparring Equipment must be bought through your instructor to ensure it meets with strict T-UK/ITF regulations.

Please note: All International ITF events allow only approved brands of safety equipment. The equipment regulations can be found HERE 

ITF Books

ITF Handbooks

Easy to read and understand - These books are packed with detailed photos and information on the techniques and theory required to progress all the way to 5th Degre.

Available in 10th Kup to 1st Dan & 1st Dan to 4th Dan volumes

The "Bible"

The Condensed Encyclopaedia affectionately referred to as "the Bible" was writen by the founder of Taekwon-Do General Choi

When General Choi's doctors informed him that his condition was terminal he spent many months during his last year to ensure that all of the necessary revisions that he wanted were completed as he was determined that the book was fully updated before his final passing. 

With more than 771 pages and weighing 3 kilos this book is often called the TKD Bible because it has details of everything including every movement and pattern

The 15 Vol Encyclopedia

For most of the last year of his life the General spent many hundreds of hours checking every detail to ensure that all of the necessary corrections and revisions that he wanted were fully incorporated.

This set of books is unique in showing EVERY aspect of this fabulous art with full and complete details of everything including every movement and pattern. If you are truly dedicated to the art of Taekwondo then without doubt this is the absolute definitive set of reference books for your collection.

Branded Apparel

We can also supply items including t-shirts, tracksuits, kit bags, mugs & badges available with the following branding;

  • Taekwon-Do Bellshill
  • ScotiaTKD
  • Taekwon-Do-United Kingdom
  • ITF

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